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Welcome to my page!  It's going to be a great year in sixth grade Social Studies!
Week of October 1st-
We are starting Unit 3 this week.  This unit will focus on how economic and environmental issues affect the standard of living and quality of life in Europe.  The students received new Vocabulary words and made cards with them on Tuesday. They should have these paper clipped and in their binders to study at home.  The test over these 17 words will be the Tuesday after Fall Break, 10/16.
Week of September 17th-
This week we are focusing on the difference between autocratic and democratic governments.  We will be also be learning about presidential and parliamentary types of democracies.  We are coming to the end of our 2nd unit and will be having a unit test soon.  Students will receive a study guide soon.  They also have vocab flash cards on government they can study at home, as well as a study stack they created on their own.
Week of September 10th-14th
This week we will be learning about the governments of specific countries in Europe. Students will learn the difference between an autocratic and a democratic government.  Also, students will learn about presidential and parliamentary democracies.  
*** We will have a vocab test over our 10 culture words on Tuesday, 9/11.  Also, students will receive new government vocab words Tuesday as well. These should be kept in their notebooks to study at home. We will have a quiz over them next week.
Week of September 4th-7th
***Open note Religions Quiz Wednesday
This week we are finishing up with our study of the religions of Europe.  We will also be learning about the literacy rates in Europe and how they affect the lives of European people.  We will be having a Vocabulary test NEXT TUESDAY (September 11th).  Students have note cards to study,and they may also go to to practice as well. (Directions are in last week's post!) 
Week of August 27-31
***** Map Quiz Tuesday (Quizzes were given back on Wed, 8/29)
This week we are continuing to learn about Europe by focusing on the dominant languages and 3 main religions.  The students will work with partners/groups to complete a Religions Quilt.  Ask you student what they are learning! We have had some great class discussions!
Students were given vocabulary cards to study last week.  If they have access to the internet at home, they can go to, type in cindysellars in the search box, and have access to awesome and fun ways to practice these words! We use this site in class, so they should be familiar with how to use it.
Week of August 20-25th
We are beginning Unit 2.  We will be studying the European countries of France, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Italy.
This week we will focus on locating these countries and identifying the major physical feature in this area.  
We will also learn how climate, access to water and natural resources affect where Europeans choose to live and work.