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Science Content

Seventh Grade Life Science has five GSE standards that cover concepts in Biology and Ecology. Ecology is where we spend a majority of our time. This topic covers relationships among organisms and how those organisms depend on each other and their non-living environments. You can expect to learn about various ecosystems on our planet, energy flow in our ecosystems and relationships such as symbiosis, predator and prey and food chains, webs and energy pyramids. The biology aspect of the course covers cells and their organelles and functions, cellular processes such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration as well as diffusion and osmosis. In addition, this concept covers body systems, genetics and classification of organisms in our world. Seventh grade science is a foundation for concepts that will be built on in 9th grade Biology and Environmental Sciences that are offered in high school. Life science has so many opportunities for first hand observations and experiences, which make understanding the concepts taught a little easier. 
Standards Resources: You may find resources on the following standards dedicated pages. 
S7L1: Classification and Diversity of Living Things. 
S7L2: Organization of Cells and Body Systems
S7L3: Genetics and Heredity
S7L4: Interdependence of Organisms and Environments
S7L5: Changes Over Time